To reach your audience, you must develop a brand-oriented marketing strategy that effectively promotes your cause and sells your products and services in the right place at the right time.


How it works

Most products don't sell themselves

No matter how good your product, service or story is, if your audience can’t connect with your brand in the moments they need to, they won’t discover what they’re missing. To connect with your audience, you need to know your customers’ journey by heart, identify touchpoints and understand what your audience needs at each customer phase.

Customer Journey Model


The icebreaker phase. Create awareness for your brand, products and services through emotional impact: target your audience’s emotions and needs to touch their hearts.

Goal: Awareness


The explanation phase. Aim marketing efforts at explaining the uniqueness and specialness of your brand: create product love and preference.

Goal: Consideration


The buying phase. Turn your audience into customers. Remove or reduce all barriers that keep your audience from buying.

Goal: Buying


The follow-up phase. Turn buyers into ambassadors by keeping them engaged with the brand and encouraging them to share their experiences with others.

Goal: Retention & Advocacy

How we do it


1. understand your business

We need to understand your brand: who you are, why you exist, who your audience is, what you offer and how you offer it. We need this to determine if your brand is solid enough for growth, or if we need to take a step back and build on the foundation.

2. Map the customer journey

When your brand is ready for growth, we map your customer journey to understand when your brand could and should interact with your audience (touchpoints) and following which method.

3. Configure the marketing mix

We configure the marketing mix (choice of channels) based on the touchpoints we have identified. As we develop it, we consider the feasibility of your business in terms of budget, time and impact.  

4. Set up the Marketing mix and materials

With the strategy in place, it’s time to create the marketing materials and set up the channels. Writing, filming, photography or design, our team gets to work. Would you rather do it yourself? No problem, we can guide the creation process to provide direction and create maximum impact.

5. Launch, Measure and adjust

Time to connect! Launch your marketing efforts and grow that deep-rooted connection with your audience. Collect and use data to understand how your marketing channels are performing, and use this information to further improve your materials, channel setups and engagement with your audience. 

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