Rise above the noise.

Rise above the noise.

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What we do

building bold brands that matter.

Businesses, big or small, all crave that one thing: standing out in a cluttered and noisy world. We believe that fame is triggered by Chutzpah: standing out by standing for something, with self-confidence and pride. By cutting useless noise and growing chutzpah we help brands to become culturally relevant, noticed and loved by their audience.


WHY Standing out is harder than ever.

There is a lot of cluttered noise to go around

Trying to make the loudest noise is expensive and ineffective. Make your own unique sound instead.

Your brand struggles finding a voice that resonates with your audience

Brands that don't connect with the needs of their audience will not be seen or forgotten. Find a voice that touches and answers their needs, that feels like "it's meant for me".

With all different channels and touchpoints, it's hard to build a consistent brand image

To be recognized, it is essential to maintain a consistent brand image across all possible touchpoints. Create brand guidelines that cannot be violated to create structure and consistency and maintain brand integrity.

Your brand is not as timely as it should be

"We've always done it this way" can put a company on the road to nowhere in a rapidly changing digital world. Dare to move on.

Walking the Walk

turn on your CHUTZPAH

01 We Ask and listen

We ask and listen attentively to understand your inner flame and that of your business.

02 It's about you you and you

It's all about your business. Your drive, goals and vision lead the way; we help you get there.

03 TOGETHER we Craft

Our methods are inclusive. You choose to what extent you want to be involved.

04 Light up with pride

Let the chutzpah do the talking: grow your brand by making your audience feel, see and connect with your brand.

Ready to find your chutzpah?

Our skills


Branding is becoming what your audience craves. Determine their feelings and needs, and use your brand purpose and (visual) appearance to form attraction and a deep-rooted connection to their lives.

Brand Strategy

Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Logo Concept

Brand Story

Visual Guidelines


Content is the means to connect the needs of your audience with the purpose of your brand. Use content that resonates, explains and persuades to establish and maintain a connection with your audience.

Content Strategy

Content Formats

Content Creation

Themes & Topics





One of the most important factors in building a brand. Effective design and messaging go hand in hand to convey your brand’s message clearly and memorably.

Art direction







To reach your audience, you must develop a brand-oriented marketing strategy that effectively promotes your cause and sells your products and services in the right place at the right time.


Channel strategy

Customer Journey

Offline Marketing

Social media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEO & SEA)


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Boris de Veer

Boris de Veer


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