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Boris de Veer


Languages I speak: Dutch & English

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Here’s An Outline Of What We’ll Cover On The Call

01 Get to know each other

You introduce yourself, I introduce myself and maybe we shortly talk about the weather, family, work, etc. You know the drill.

02 I will ask (a lot) and listen

Let's cut to the chase, because that's what you're here for. I'll ask you a lot of questions, about your business, your brand, your vision, your audience, what's going well and what's going poorly, and where you want to go.

03 Together we get to the core

With your insights and my perspective, we get to the heart of what you want to get done. I give you brief advice on to-do’s to consider to get there.

04 The follow up

After the interview, I share my notes, my brief advice and what chutzpah agency can do for you. Including our prices, completely without obligation.